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  • Withdrawal Limit: €20,000
  • Owner: Mobile Technology Marketing Limited
  • Established: 2019
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FatBoss Casino is an innovative online mafia and casino-themed online casino, but do not let that deter you from trying it out. This friendly online casino launched in late 2018 and is operated and owned by Mobile Technology Limited. Owned and run by a team of executives from Deloitte D’Agen and Touger T&C, the online casino offers live dealer and progressive casino games across multiple currencies and is played in English, French, German, and Russian.

Since the gaming business is quite new to the local market, there are a few issues that need to be ironed out before you could start depositing your money. One of these is getting an application and ready with all the proper information needed by the customer support. Of course, being a small operation, customer support cannot be expected to handle all customer queries immediately, so Fatboss Casino realized this too late and added a couple more hours of customer support after launching. The casino did eventually end up with a dedicated customer support team, but unfortunately, the wait time for them was quite long.


FatBoss Casino Launching

Fat Boss Casino

Another issue that arose when the Fat boss Casino launched was its similarity to the popular Lucky Streak gaming site. They were both established by a well-known gaming executive, which led to some confusion among gamers. Lucky Streak was later bought by Playtech in a deal worth about $40 million. This was not a big deal for the time being, since the gaming industry was still in its developmental stages. This is the reason why the original owner of Lucky Streak sold the company to Playtech: to allow it to experience growth and sign more international clients.

In spite of being an illegitimate imitation of the most popular online casinos, the two sites still had their own fan following. But as the competition heated up, Playtech became aware of its inferior online slots games and decided to make changes to improve its overall online slots experience. First, it introduced a new interface and introduced two brand new casino games: the Big Draw and the Slots. Since the slots offered by the Fatboss Casino offered slightly better bonuses, more players flocked to play there.

In the process of improving its slots offerings, Playtech made a few changes to the application, which included replacing its previous application with a Flash interface. The update significantly increased the number of table games, which now included progressive jackpots. However, despite the update, the popularity of the Fatboss Casino only slightly diminished: instead of shutting down its slots operations, it simply added new slots games to its website. This is why the Fatboss Casino was left with poor reviews: although the application offered good bonuses, it was unable to compete with the bigger online slots providers.


Improving online slots game experience

However, in light of the negative reaction towards the original application, Playtech made a few changes to improve its online slots game experience. First, it eliminated the slots reel feature, which caused delay when a player wanted to spin the reels. This issue was solved by the introduction of a new feature called the ‘redial’ system. With this new system, a player can now call a specific number of real casino players on the Big Draw or Slots table to join him/her in a game. The player then pays a certain fee depending on the number of players he/she has managed to find; the same applies to the bonus tables.

In addition, before the release of the Fat Boss Casino, it used to give its players limited free spins during the first week of its operations. This policy was changed after complaints from players who were receiving a large number of free spins, which they thought should be only given to those who played in the big tournaments. To remedy this issue, Playtech implemented another new promotion wherein players who deposited money in their online casinos could receive a special welcome bonus consisting of 100 free spins once they opened a new account with the company.

Another change that Playtech made to its promotions is that it switched to an all-cash promotion method. Some of the online casino sites had adopted the all-cash promotions in an attempt to attract more customers. However, Playtech saw that the majority of its customer base was sticking to its free spin casino and decided to switch to a cash-based system once again. The casino is currently running a third promotion, which will continue until the end of the year, during which a player can get two free spins for each deposit made.